Tom and Jerry’s – A Holiday Tradition


Tom and Jerry's

Yesterday was Christmas Eve eve. It is the night where Chad and I celebrate the holiday together at home with our little family (Charlie the wiener dog and now, Elliot). We sit around our Christmas tree, turn up the heat (we don’t have a fireplace), watch a holiday movie or two, devour a crab feast and sip on Tom and Jerry’s. I love Christmas Eve eve, not only for this tradition, but for the fact that it always feels like the calm before the storm (a very fun, lovely, family filled, exciting, enjoyable, wouldn’t give it up for the world, storm). It is a night where it is just us. Home. Bellies and hearts full. Reflecting on the year. Celebrating the season. Celebrating all that we love. 

We don’t ALWAYS make Tom and Jerry’s for Christmas Eve eve, but they get made AT LEAST once during the holiday season. A Tom and Jerry is basically a cup of spiked hot egg-nog, or at least that is what someone told me the other day. It is an egg/sugar batter that you add rum (or any other liquor) and hot water to. This recipe comes down to technique and time. The more you make this recipe the more you know about its intricacies. It is my grandpa Tubby’s recipe. I have talked a lot about my grandmother but not so much about my grandfather. He came from a long line of bakers and chefs, was a chef in the army, married my grandmother and, as a pair, became an unstoppable culinary duo. This is his recipe. This is part of his legacy. As we mix this frothy, delectable drink up every year, we reminisce about holiday’s past. Filling our minds with cherished memories and our hearts with immeasurable love.

To all of you and yours this holiday season, I wish this for you too. Enjoy!


Tom and Jerry's

Tom and Jerry's

Tom and Jerry's

Tom and Jerry's

Tom and Jerry’s

5 egg yolks

4 egg whites

17 heaping Tbsp confectioners sugar

1 tsp cream of tartar

vanilla to taste

nutmeg for garnish

liquor of choice

hot water

Mix egg yolks and 12 heaping Tbsp of confectioners sugar using the paddle attachment for your mixer. Beat for 20+ minutes on high. Transfer mixture into a bowl and clean out mixing bowl well making sure it is cool before next step. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Add 5 heaping Tbsp confectioners sugar, cream of tartar and vanilla. Mix on low until incorporated. Taste. Add vanilla as needed. Transfer egg whites into bowl on top of yolk mixture.  Fold egg whites into yolk mixture. Do not stir.  Fold until combined.

Pour a shot of your favorite liquor (we use spiced rum…my mom’s favorite is coconut rum) into the bottom of a mug.  Add batter until it is 1/4 away from the top of the mug. Pour hot water in and watch the batter rise to the top. Sprinkle with nutmeg, stir and enjoy. These can be N/A too by not adding the liquor. Just as good 🙂


Tom and Jerry's