Tom and Jerry’s – A Holiday Tradition


Tom and Jerry's

Yesterday was Christmas Eve eve. It is the night where Chad and I celebrate the holiday together at home with our little family (Charlie the wiener dog and now, Elliot). We sit around our Christmas tree, turn up the heat (we don’t have a fireplace), watch a holiday movie or two, devour a crab feast and sip on Tom and Jerry’s. I love Christmas Eve eve, not only for this tradition, but for the fact that it always feels like the calm before the storm (a very fun, lovely, family filled, exciting, enjoyable, wouldn’t give it up for the world, storm). It is a night where it is just us. Home. Bellies and hearts full. Reflecting on the year. Celebrating the season. Celebrating all that we love. 

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3 Delicious Ways To Re-Use Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing

Sweet Delicata squash stuffed with leftover Thanksgiving stuffing, wild rice and Italian sausage

The turkey is picked to the bone. The pie plate has been all but licked clean. The dishes are drying one the rack and you are fully enjoying your stretchy pants and the well deserved afternoon snooze that always follows that delicious victory which is Thanksgiving dinner. You did it. You officially made it through the greatest food holiday of the year.

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