Side Dishes

Brussel Sprouts….with bacon.

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Every once in awhile in a person’s life, you find that one special restaurant. You know what I am talking about, your default place. It may not be the best food, location and/or ambience, but it keeps you coming back for that Cheers “Where everybody knows your name” feeling.  

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Kickin’ Chicken Potato Salad

Creamy summer potato salad made with Ginga Habanero and Salt and Vinegar Seasonings and Greek Yogurt

Every once in a while, something exciting and unexpected happens to me. Recently, my excitement came in the form of 4 FULL SIZED bottles of an incredible line of seasonings, delivered to me with the request that I please try them and, if I like them, share them our lovely readers. Ok, let me break this down for you. Someone gave me free food to write about…. Could we possibly combine two things that make this girl happier? I mean…I guess I can sacrifice some of my time for this. And let’s just pretend that when I received them, I didn’t immediately crack each bottle open in the car and stick my finger in to taste them.

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Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad

This upcoming weekend is Memorial Day weekend, or in Minnesota, the kick-off to Summer. We not only use this weekend to remember those who died while serving our country, but we also use it to connect with friends and family, pot our plants, take out the patio furniture from the garage, open our pools, take our inaugural pontoon ride and grill a feast for kings and queens. So what are you bringing to this year’s Memorial Day picnic?

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Stuffed Breakfast Buns

A fresh baked bun stuffed with eggs, cheese, bacon and spinach. Easy to freeze and reheat on the go!

Quick, quick, quick!! That’s what these Stuffed Breakfast Buns are. And, let me be honest, that’s what I need these days. Once upon a time, there was only Chris and me and we only had to worry about getting ourselves up and out the door in the morning. Fueled by extra large, extra dark coffee and that sort of energy that only seems to be reserved for twenty-something professionals. Now-a-days, our morning routine looks a little different. It’s still Chris and me trying to get up and ready, but add in one 26-year-old brother and a one and a half-year-old to wrangle and mornings feel a little bit more like a mad dash to cram food in faces and get out the door (hopefully) with the same two shoes on.

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Loaded Smashed Rutabaga and Potatoes

Bacon Smashed Potatoes and Rutabaga with Caramelized Onion and Parmesan

Is there really anything better than a big bowl of creamy, silky mashed potatoes? Maybe, but I really doubt it. I once worked with a gal who jokingly (sort of) said that if she could swim in a delicious vat of buttery, mashed potatoes – she would…..I agreed.

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Wedge Salad with Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon Wedge Salad

Bacon. Sweet sweet bacon. No really. Sweet. Literally sweet. Specifically, candied bacon. My family cannot get enough. I mean come on….what is not to love when it comes to this delicious, salty, crispy, savory, buttery, sweet, spicy, gooey goodness. My family started making this treat a few years ago and it seems to grace our table a lot around this time of year. I like food to have meaning. A history. Tradition.

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Grandma’s Thanksgiving Stuffing


Clanging pans, chopping onions, beeping ovens, slamming drawers, burning eyes, streaming tears, a humming dishwasher; all signs of our 6:00AM Thanksgiving wake-up call growing up. Every Thanksgiving eve my grandmother, who lived with us and was a baker by profession, would argue with my mom, “I won’t make noise.” My mom would counter with “There is no need to wake up at 6:00AM on Thanksgiving to start the stuffing!” Grams would hold her ground, “I like to get it done with.  I won’t make any noise. I never do.” Fast forward to Thanksgiving morning, 6:00AM, coffees in hand, bags under our eyes, pre-parade TV on and sweet Grams finishing the stuffing.

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