Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate

Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon and Chile Pepper

Ok, let’s talk hot chocolate. I love a good hot chocolate in hand while meandering through the St. Paul Winter Carnival. But what if you could kick your cocoa up a notch? What if your cocoa could not only be silky, chocolaty, hot goodness in a mug, but it could also be flavored with a hint of cinnamon and warm your throat and your belly with the little zing of dried chiles? I’m here to tell you, it can. And it’s delicious.

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Tom and Jerry’s – A Holiday Tradition


Tom and Jerry's

Yesterday was Christmas Eve eve. It is the night where Chad and I celebrate the holiday together at home with our little family (Charlie the wiener dog and now, Elliot). We sit around our Christmas tree, turn up the heat (we don’t have a fireplace), watch a holiday movie or two, devour a crab feast and sip on Tom and Jerry’s. I love Christmas Eve eve, not only for this tradition, but for the fact that it always feels like the calm before the storm (a very fun, lovely, family filled, exciting, enjoyable, wouldn’t give it up for the world, storm). It is a night where it is just us. Home. Bellies and hearts full. Reflecting on the year. Celebrating the season. Celebrating all that we love. 

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Holiday Mulled Wine with Brandy and Cinnamon

Holiday Mulled Wine with Brandy, apple cider, cinnamon, clove and orange

This has been a weird winter in Minnesota. Instead of the normal crisp, chilly air dotted with the distant smell of wood fires burning and the fluffy, white evidence of winter peppering your hair every time you set foot outside, we have been experiencing

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