Holiday Mulled Wine with Brandy and Cinnamon

Holiday Mulled Wine with Brandy, apple cider, cinnamon, clove and orange

This has been a weird winter in Minnesota. Instead of the normal crisp, chilly air dotted with the distant smell of wood fires burning and the fluffy, white evidence of winter peppering your hair every time you set foot outside, we have been experiencing

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Simple Baked Salmon and Chopped Salad with Maple Balsamic Dressing

Baked salmon with lemon and garlic served with chopped romaine and arugula salad tossed in maple balsamic dressing

The week after Thanksgiving is always a bit of a rough re-entry into reality. Back to work, back to school, back to meals that (most likely) don’t include 10 starches and 3 Jello salads. Even though it’s the beginning of December, I start craving something lighter, fresher and healthier to help balance out the rich food frenzy that tends to occur in my family during the months of November and December.

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3 Delicious Ways To Re-Use Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing

Sweet Delicata squash stuffed with leftover Thanksgiving stuffing, wild rice and Italian sausage

The turkey is picked to the bone. The pie plate has been all but licked clean. The dishes are drying one the rack and you are fully enjoying your stretchy pants and the well deserved afternoon snooze that always follows that delicious victory which is Thanksgiving dinner. You did it. You officially made it through the greatest food holiday of the year.

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Pumpkin Kale and White Bean Chili

PumpkinKaleWhiteBeanChili-8-6First food post people!! Vanessa and I are super excited to get this blog going. Designing a space just for us to get creative with food and share our passion for connecting and building relationships through the sacred experience of breaking bread with others has been a vision of ours for quite some time. In this weekly blog you will find our stories, our experiences, our personalities, our joys and our passions. Every two weeks we will focus on a different dish or ingredient. One week you will get my take on that dish and one week you will get Vanessa’s take. What we hope you will find, as we have, is that one dish can have unlimited preparations and possibilities. The kitchen is a perfect place to experiment and find your “food personality.” There is so much room for interpretation and expression in food.

Now…onto the chili!!

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We are Two Food Girls, also known as Jess and Vanessa. We met at a birthday party/sleep over more than 25 years ago. We hit it off over our mutual love of cheese and the movie “Free Willy.” Over the years, we’ve continued to bond over music, theater and life and eventually discovered our shared appreciation for really delicious food. We have shared many experimental “hits and misses” in the kitchen,traveled and found new delicious dishes outside of Minnesota, debated over what really makes up the perfect brownie or bread and butter pickle, built a lifelong sisterhood and friendship and developed our own individual “food identities” along the way.

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